Rinjani Trekking Excellent Cervice

Mount Rinjani Experience Lhuna Adventure

We had awesome trekking experience in mount rinjani, we took 2 day 1 night trekking program till top 3,726 starting in East sembalun ending in Sembalun following one routes go and back. The first day trek Quite easy for 3 and half hours till basecamp 3 1800 mtr. Than we had to climbing a 7 hill for tree hours. This was hardest but the views to the villages is true wonderful, all the grassland we saw it and the ocean. After one and half hour walking through the hill than we get more steps approximate 25 degrees step up on hill numbers 5. And the clouds come up following the dry river and heading us and little rain for one hours during the trek at hill number 6 and 7. But we prepared all as raincoat and daylight bag pack cover. After 3 hours 25 minute climbing at 7 hill finally we reached the Plawangan 2 sembalun village with the happy think and great mind because the tent has stand up and ready to used. 05:30 Pm the weather is getting clear and we can seen the sunset and lake while enjoy our dinner and tent. My guide aripin and porter manom was great helpful and good patients they are strong always reach on time even the y are carrying to much thing as our personal item as trekking eQuipment, food and drink mostly 27 kg that is horrible work. This is unbelieving he can reach more early then us.

Day 2 we have to weak up so early and get some light breakfast and cup of hot drink than weprepared owncameras and extra jacket and another stuff to bring to the summit, the first we are so lazy to Wark in the dark and still sleepy. But we think this is our mission and we have payed this very expensive for the trip and see the sunrise from mt rinjani is our dreaming. Than we push our minds to climbing the summit and our guide Ipin always give us motivated. 03:00 AM we started our journey to top and walked in meet night with dark light no sun and no moon light just head light. Feeling cold and sleepy make us more lazy but we have to do. Than after had walked one hours we got spirit and more feel warm always move up step by step the reach first top. Got a water drink and go on till top. But one hours before top is really challenges and hardest mostly step 30 degree with sleepry steps and sandy gravels this was killed and needed extra powered. One hours done we had walked in the last hardest and got some break for a minute the sunrises began to appear and the views screen is started to sawing. The awesome sunrise and the wonderful views makes us wanna stay for three hours but at top was so prizing. After take lot of spectacular views over the lake and all of lombok views from the top and started decent down to campsite but from way down to camp the views is absolutely amazing too we seen surrounded of lake and in the ocean mostly East and North and west lombok can be seen at way down to camp. 2 hours 30 minutes than we reached the campsite and having rest, Breakfasts than packed everything than back down to bottom for 5 hours with low conditions. Than got luch at post at same place where the place we had Lanch at first day. Than 3 hours more than end the trip in easy walk start post 3 to sembalun gates. Thank for the porter and guide all is great and awesome thank for Lhuna Adventure trekking company he is one of best for us to joined, great trekking organizer with friendly and professional trekking. The service is truely thank you so much is more than we expected excellent 5 start of trekking service food was delicious and great test and always surprised us every day is totally different menu’s , Is awesome services.

thank you very much for great service.

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Campsite sembalun rime 2639 mtr above sea level where we enjoy the spectacular sunset while enjoy our dinner.

The sunrise we seen from under the top mt rinjani. The last part is very hardest and wind.

Awesome views we seen after sun more light. The views is super amazing.